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Chives (species Allium schoenoprasum), small, hardy perennial plant of the lily family (Liliaceae) related to the onion. Its small, white, elongated bulbs and thin, tubular leaves grow in clumps. Chives are similar to onion, but substantially less dominant and thus more subtle. Chives’ qualities are similar to those of its close relatives—onion and garlic. The exact origin of Chives is unknown, but it may have first been grown in Central Asia. Today, the plants grow practically everywhere in Europe, even at high altitudes. The English “chive” derives from Latin cepa “onion” via Middle English cyve or cheve, loaned from Old French cive. Note that the singular chive is used for the plant, whereas the spice is usually referred to as plural form chives
Packaging: 25lbs/case
Origin: China
Storage: Recommended storage is cool, dry area. Protect from moisture and direct light.
Shelf Life: Use within 12 months of production date

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