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Product List

Garlic Products
Garlic Flakes Chopped Garlic Minced Garlic Granulated Garlic Garlic Powder
Onion Products
Onion Flakes Chopped Onion Minced Onion Granulated Onion Onion Powder
Chile Products
Japanese Chile Yunnan Chile Chile de Arbol Guajillo Chile Sweet Paprika Pods
Ancho Chile Puya Chile Paprika Powder Crushed Chile Cayenne Chile Powder
Bean and Grain Products
Black Kidney Beans Red Beans Fava Bean Green Mung Bean  Peruano Bean
Nut and Seeds Products
Blanched Peanut Kernels Roasted Peanuts in Shell Pepitas Pumpkin Seeds Cumin Seeds
Chia Seeds  Sesame Seeds  Pine Nuts
Herb Products
Hibiscus Flower Rose Bud Safflower  Oregano  Chives
Ingredient Products
MSG Ginger Ground Cumin Ground
Pepper and Cinnamon
Black Pepper Whole Black Pepper Ground White Pepper Ground Cinnamon Stick Cinnamon Ground
Oriental Products
Dried Mushroom Star Anise Tamarind in Shell Tamarind Paste  Lotus Leaves 荷葉
Rock Candy

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